Our Founders

Laurence Brannigan


Honesty, integrity, confidentiality, efficiency, clarity and confidence. Quite simply, I love my customers and I do my upmost to ensure they receive the highest level of customer service possible so that in-turn the end-consumer may also receive the same.


In today’s business world of globalisation where brands seek to emulate themselves in all corners of the globe and offer the same experience to the end-consumer; I believe it is important to input a taste of the local culture into the mix. Not all markets and countries are the same and it is the reason why having the ability to offer something unique, fun and culturally sensitive to align with local taste and demand is necessary now more than ever.

I moved away from the UK in 2017 to live in the ‘Watch City’ Biel/Bienne, Switzerland and from there I travelled extensively within multiple continents and viewed the retail, distribution and production landscapes. I recently made the decision to contact my great friend and now business partner Paul to ensure that new and exciting brands could be brought to our dearest friends and retailers.


It was a call from a previous girlfriend’s mother that changed my career path forever. I was supposed to become an IT boffin and work with computers day in, day out! However, that soon changed when that call asked if I would interview for a sales role in her Goldsmiths store which I subsequently gained.

After nearly three years behind the counter I then branched out into the wholesale of after sales parts and machinery. This included a small flavour of watch sales on the ‘Limit’ brand where I learned the fundamentals. Since then, I have held positions in Sales and Brand management where over the last two decades I have been lucky to spearhead the launch, development and growth of some of the global brand leaders in the retail marketplace including: Hugo Boss, Scuderia Ferrari, Movado, EBEL, Concord, Skagen Designs, Limit and The-Electricianz. Since 2017, I have held the position of International Sales Manager at the Movado Group Switzerland.

It gives me great satisfaction to say that I have loved every minute of my career to date and the Movado Group both UK and Switzerland have enabled me to develop my skill-set and knowledge to become globally travelled and industry aware.

Now in 2020, I leave the corporate world having established my own companies and become an advisor or consultant. Aiding brands with both Swiss Heritage and further afield as they embark on the quest for global success of which I remain passionate to share my knowledge and experiences with them.

Launching Creative Universe.Agency combines my global scope with Paul’s unrivalled UK knowledge and network to ensure that both our brand and retail partners experience only the best that is on offer.

Outside of my working life I owe testament to my incredibly devoted and supportive wife, Vikki, who many of you will know! We have two beautiful daughters, and a host of friends and family to enjoy fun and memorable times.

I look forward to meeting with friends new and old as I embark on this awesome adventure together with Paul.

Paul Buchanan


Business starts with a relationship.


In a business world that is run by accountants – I still believe that the old ways are the right ways. The fundamentals that existed in the 1980s still exist today.

70% of all purchases are based on: do you like the person in front of you? Do you have a relationship with them, or can you form one? 20% is based on product: it needs to fulfil a need or desire and the consumer needs to get pleasure from buying the item. 10% of the decision-making process is: do they like the company? Are they enjoyable to work with?

The joy of working with my business partner Laurence is, we both have the same basic business beliefs.


It shocks me to say that I have over 30 years’ experience in both the Watch and Jewellery industry, on both sides of the counter. My career started off as a boy in Zales Jewellers in Telford, working as watch Visual Merchandiser and Salesman. Having a natural aptitude for people I was soon promoted to be the youngest Manager in the company’s history. After ten years of managing staff and running the largest retail stores, I decided a new venture was needed and I moved into the wholesale industry where I really found my niche. For the final twelve years of my corporate career I worked for Movado Group in the UK where I launched and developed several brands including: Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste and Movado. Whilst turning these in to multi-million-pound brands I also helped to induct, train and develop the Sales team.

In 2017, I decided to move away from the corporate world and follow my own path. I started my own business which is my greatest challenge to date and I am proud to say that the list of brands wishing to work with me include: Jacob & Co, U-Boat, Swarovski, CLUSE, Buddha to Buddha and The-Electricianz.

Outside of my work life I am blessed to have my lovely wife Lisa and our five children – well most are adults now. A raft of close friends and our two barmy dogs – Silvie and Angus. That’s where my true wealth lies.

We look forward to meeting with you all soon,

With Creative Universe.Agency

Our founders, Laurence and Paul, have decades of experience managing brands such as: Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Scuderia Ferrari, Movado, EBEL, Concord, Jacob & Co, Cluse, Buddha to Buddha, Skagen Designs and The-Electricianz.

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